Thursday, September 07, 2006

The Whitestest of Diseases

It appears Tuberculosis, sick (dur hur hur) of taking a back seat to youngbloods like AIDS and West Nile, is coming back with a new attitude. I recall freaking out the first time a professor of mine mentioned he had TB, it was a disease I had so little grasp of outside of that little pronged disc they would poke me with for no apparent reason. The new strain is being labeled 'XDR-TB' which we all know adding an X indicates a superpowered version of the previous redeco strain. To quote a pal, it is monsterious, and that X can be so sexy and dangerous. Still, SexyDanger-TB has its own merits...

Bonus Round: Some technical reading for those so inclined. I'm involved in some ATP-biosynthesis targeting, and it's a topic that gets kicked around our pathogen-oriented projects quite a bit.

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Obsequiosity said...

My mother works infection control at a hospital, where it seems like it's all TB all the time (except for the ubiquitous C. diff).