Thursday, September 21, 2006

Brainmeats Geography

This God Spot article was all good and fun if you happened to read a few weeks back. I especially like the idea of trying to recreate these holy experiences, though the data suggest the setup was probably too ambitious to begin with.

Brain geography has always fascinated me ever since I saw a PBS special on it as a child, where a doctor would poke someone's exposed brain with a latexed finger and produce some Three Stooges like result. In fact, I find brains so cool, my attractive graphic designer wife and I snapped up one of these for the coming haunting season. Fitting eh?

More interestingly and more concise is the work linking action and cognition of that action, as biting the peach is almost like tasting sweetness. That is, this mirror behavior that the brain likes to conjure for us is probably a whole lifetime of work for several research groups.

But finally, it seems everyone I know has had one of these, be they in the form of extreme paranoia, religious experience or the delusion of being visited by ghosts. Mine usually rise in the form of lucid hallucinations between delta periods of sleep, I suspect my subconscious is usually prompting me to work through something.

Delicious opiate molecules await us all!

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