Sunday, February 04, 2007

Ripsaw Robots #2

Ripsaw Robots will be a new feature that focuses on robotics in a very broad scope. From the useless to the revolutionary to the just plain giant and fantasy, Lish will bring you all the robot fix he can find.

Alright, I spent far too much time in my chilly, chilly garage keeping my vehicles functioning in the stone cold of Winter. Perhaps I'll find some help amongst my mechanical friends!

The big news I've been scouting this week has to revolve around the developments in the flying car industry. It essentially functions like a helicopter without all the limitations of external rotor blades. Where's your flying car, you ask? Apparently it's just around the corner.

After the embarrassment of the last mission, folks at NASA are taking extra precautions with the landing site choice for the next robot to land on Mars. While robots might not count for life on Mars, it still makes an awesome movie premise.

Perhaps in the future we'll have robots park our cars in the big cities. Such technology already is getting marginal use in space-limited places like Japan. Such garages could easily maximize our ability to cram more and more people into our cities.

Got a robot you want to show off? Maybe you should send it over to the greater Frisco area for the Maker Faire. Perhaps you might get a chance to see these guys and their Star Wars inspired AT-ST lookalike. Let's hope there's no paleolithic society of advanced rodent men. They tend to shun such bold innovations.

But really, as cool as robots are, making them behave like insects is a lot harder than it sounds.

Now if we could only get a robot to change car batteries. Doing so in subzero temperatures is definitely the work for those of the cybernetic persuasion.

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