Monday, October 22, 2007

You bet Shiraz

Perhaps we overhyped reseveratrol.

Not that it's going to stop me from a leisurely glass of wine with dinner or my philosophical ruminations, but the article makes a good point: the mouse model can only carry us so far before we really can't corroborate effects on to us.

Reveratrol has been hailed for all sorts of indications, from cancer to diabetes to just plain old being plain old. All that said, there's just not a whole lot of evidence to warrant the RESVERATROL labels wine makers are rushing to slap on their finest Pinot.

I've seen in even around my research campus. Mention resveratrol at a research luncheon and you'll be hard-pressed to find a biologist who hasn't at least toyed with the idea of tossing it into their model-of-choice. There's plenty of money out there from the industry and they seem almost giddy to give it away in the hopes of proving out the miracle molecule.

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