Saturday, April 28, 2007

When they say they have large shoes to fill

Indian men generally too small for condoms.

“As per international standards, most condoms are 150 mm to 180 mm in length and 44 to 56 mm in width. But data collected in Mumbai till 2001 showed that 60% of the participants measured 126 to 156 mm in length and 30% between 100 and 125 mm,’’ said a city researcher, pointing out that there was a difference of at least 5 cm in length.

No wonder they feel so threatened by Richard Gere.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

That extra Earth environmentalists are always hoping for.

Earth-like planet found a mere 20 light years away.

One of those things that we have always predicted in our models finally materializes in objective reality. Still, a 13 day year sounds pretty wild. I'd be 858 years old by now, and would likely still vote for Kodos.